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Hesys Sustainability Services

6 Step process - 12 month program

Hesys Sustainability Services Engagement Model

The purpose of the Hesys Sustainability Services is to support your organisation to align with the most relevant SDGs for you. So we will check at each step that we are helping to achieve these objectives.

Our mission is to help many organisations make small initial changes to start to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals with an initial focus on SDG 12 Responsible Consumption & Production (waste reduction) & SDG 13 Climate Action (greenhouse gas reduction). The intention is that we try and find cost saving and that these can drive a rapid adoption of a broader portfolio of goals. We are looking to deliver some quick wins which are also a part of a broader programme. This is the beginning of the journey and so the mantra is ‘progress over perfection’. However to help to ensure success, we have identified below some Critical Success Factors.

sustainable development goals

Assumptions & Critical Success Factors

  • Senior stakeholder involvement and support
  • Key stakeholders agree and commit to a vision
  • Communication to all stakeholders
  • Participation from a broad cross section of the organisation through out all stages of the engagement
  • Start small and grow
  • Establish champions for each of the initiative areas
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Celebrate success


Discovery Meeting – £50  (is there an opportunity here, if so, what does it look like?)

Monthly retainer (to be agreed) to support the program over 12 months. This will include:

  • Momentum meeting – to confirm the goals and create program
  • Assessment & benchmarking
  • 4 follow-up meetings during 12 month period to review progress and initiate campaigns
  • End of year wrap-up and planning for following year
Note: Where possible, we will use technology to enable virtual meetings/webinars