Hesys Sustainability Services

Do less Harm, Do more Good

The purpose of the Hesys Sustainability Services is to support your organisation to find a new path to enable you to ‘Do less Harm’, by reducing waste, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and the related costs.

We also want to help you to find ways for your organisation to use your specific skills, expertise and any products to ‘Do more good’.  We would aim to try and align these activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that were agreed and 193 countries signed up to in 2015.

However, we also see a larger opportunity of helping your organisation make a culture shift to become more agile, collaborative and innovative.  This is initially driven by the Agile-Sustainability program, but the culture shift could lead to something bigger….

sustainable development goals

Imagine if your Agile-Sustainability program can be extended to enable your organisation to become better equipped with the shocks and disruptions of modern life. In other words start a journey to become Anti-Fragile…..

Starting the program..

  • Review the Agile-Sustainability Overview
  • Can you see this working for you?
  • Who in your organisation would need to be involved?
  • Contact Hesys Sustainability Services and let us see how we can work together to achieve your objectives