About us

Hesys Sustainability Services was founded in March 2020 with the intention of supporting SMEs to adopt relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We are based in the beautiful Chiltern hills in Buckinghamshire.

Charitable Alignment

Hesys commits to donate 10% of annual profits to one or more charities that help to support the objectives of the SDGs



hugh thomas-davies headshot

 Hugh Thomas-Davies

Chief Sustainability & Collaboration Advocate

Hugh Thomas-Davies is focused on supporting organisations to reduce water usage, waste and Greenhouse Gas emissions, but also to align more broadly with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

He was originally a Systems Programmer on IBM mainframes at 3M and then at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands and Germany. Returning to the UK, he has spent most of the last. 20 years working on partnerships and alliances at a number of companies including Oracle, IBM, Symantec and Siemens. During his time at Oracle, he became involved in ‘Lean Manufacturing’ software. This software was an application to support lean manufacturing processes, ‘lean’ and ‘agile’ methodologies have much in common. 

In addition, while working on his MBA, he focused his research on Corporate Social Responsibility which triggered his interest in the role that organisations play in the world and their potential to be a power for good. He setup Hesys Sustainability Services in 2020 with the intention of finding frameworks to help SMEs become sustainable and agile, hence Agile-Sustainability which combines the worlds of Agile and Sustainability.