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Do less Harm, Do more Good

Driving Change through small incremental steps

How can we help?

As members of society we are all becoming increasingly aware of the part that we can all play in protecting the environment and our precious resources.

At Hesys, we support and inspire organisations to build a more sustainable future, based on a series of small changes but also in collaboration with other organisations. We want to help as many organisations as possible ‘Do less Harm & Do more Good’. We do this by helping your organisation make these small changes, driven by your internal team and ‘User Stories’.

We believe that every person and every organisation has a part to play. 

Our  focus is driven by the United Nations’ 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which offer the opportunity for every organisation to set objectives to align with some or all of these 17 goals. Our mission is to help our clients identify what is right for them, create a plan and get started, Sometimes, on any journey, the first step is the hardest.

How do we start?

We suggest that you review the Agile-Sustainability page on this website. There is also a short 15 minute video which provides and overview of the approach which we hope you will find informative and helpful.

Working in partnership with others

In addition, with many years of experience of strategic partnerships, we can also support your organisation to collaborate with others. We can help you create your collaboration plan, identify  potential partners, facilitate workshops with your partner and support all stages of the engagement.